October Hygge Moments

October to me is the gateway to the holidays.  The temperature lowers, the leaves turn beautiful colors and the sweatshirts come out!  October is one of my favorite months.  Planning for the next couple of months also happens in October.  Life takes a breath in October.  May I suggest you take the opportunity to savor October.

Gabrielle Treanor teaches us how:

  • Think about what good things lie ahead, whether it’s sometime in the future – or something imminent. Imagine what the experience will be like, what you’ll do and how you’ll feel.
  • Open your eyes to the world around you and look for the good. Nature is a great resource for seeing beauty and instilling feelings of wonder.
  • Check in with how you’re feeling every so often and see if there is something at that moment that you can appreciate, whether it’s a project you’ve just finished or a delicious dessert you’re eating.
  • Record happy moments, occasions and experiences by snapping a few photos, so you can look back and recall the positive vibes you had at the time.
  • Allow yourself time to remember positive past events, replaying them in as much detail as possible.
  • Celebrate when good things happen to you, or others. Mark the occasion and derive as much enjoyment from it as you can.
  • Share past happy moments with others also, recall memories, tell stories and reminisce.

Always remember the 4 steps to savoring an experience:

1 – Anticipation

2 – Appreciation

3 – Reminiscing

4 – Sharing

May you take a breath along with October and enjoy the month. – Melaney

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