Hygge Event April 2017 – Making A Difference

Going to the Hygge Event was a delightful experience. Hearing from Kathy Aiken talking about her experiences with making a difference reminded me that there is so much good in the world. Listening to Carolyn Billings taught me that even amongst our very hardest trials, we can still be the good and make a difference in our world. Aleisha McD left me feeling hope that I could and do make a difference in the lives of those around me and that the small and simple things we do every day make a difference to someone. I left feeling like there is good in the world and that not only I, but all can and do help make a difference in bettering the world. The food was delicious. I can’t wait to make the recipes at home. It was so enjoyable to meet and socialize with the other ladies in attendance. Thanks for the wonderful evening!   
Emily Stock

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