Ahh February…..my least favorite month of the year.  Yes you can call me a Crankenstein.

I have never been a hearty, valentiney type person.

With that being said….I do believe in Kindness.  Although I believe it should happen year round and not celebrated one day a year.   Spreading or planting daily seeds of kindness will reap fields and fields or homes, neighborhoods, and communities of non Crankenstein’s!

Kindness is as simple as a smile, a quick note or email to someone you are thinking about, taking in your neighbors garbage can – this just happened for me and is so much appreciated.  Kindness can also be as grand as you would like to make it.  Starting a global campaign, running a non-profit or maybe a humanitarian effort.  Anyway you look at it – Kindness is a good.  Kindness is sharing.  Kindness is a daily need.

In talking with a friend yesterday she mentioned a passage from her favorite book “Wonder”.  How we need to be “Kinder than is necessary. Because it’s not enough to be kind.  One should be kinder than needed”  What a world this would be if we could all be kinder than necessary.

One thing we need to also remember is to be kinder to yourself.  If you have a bad day or are struggling, treat yourself as you would a friend or a loved one.  Give yourself a hug.  I myself am not a big hugger, but research shows that physical hugging has a calming and comforting effect.  Be kind in the way you choose to talk to yourself.  No need to be unkind.  Take time to nourish yourself – body, mind and spirit.  This concept is different for everyone but so beneficial when you take the time to do it.  A massage, a bubble bath, a Pilates class.  Whatever it is you need to fill your cup.  With a full cup of your own you are better able to fill others cups.  And be sure an make some new connections.  Small moments of connection can boost your kindness for sure.  A small plug here for Hygge an Event.  A great place to connect!

I have decided to change my view on the month of February and change from Crankenstein to Kinderstein. 🙂

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