This is the most wonderful time of the year.  For some it is – others not so much.  I have always loved Christmas – the season.  Not the hustle and bustle!  Decorating has always been the fun part.  The events of getting ready for Christmas.  Enjoying the company of family and friends.  Tuning out the distractions isn’t always easy.  I read an article by Andrea Corp with suggestions to have more laughter and less humbuggery.  Here are a few to think about:

  • Let go of expectations:  Ditch the omnipotence and strive for benevolence.
  • Say No to more stuff and Yes to more experiences:  No to more presents,  Yes to more presence.  Quality time is the gift of immeasurable value.
  • Create your own Tradition:  Find something that will help you tune into your personal joy.
  • Laugh:  Post your holiday follies on social media.  It’s good for the collective spirit and reminds everyone to laugh.
  • Be happy for everyone’s happy:  (TI have added my take to this one)  When you are scrolling through social media feeds, turn on Christmas tunes and don’t compare yourself.  Let everyone’s best version of their holiday’s inspire you.

I hope this season is the best one yet for you!

As always – check out the Quote of the month.

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