August – the last days of summer are approaching.  May I suggest 10 ways to keep the Hygge feeling through these last summer days:

1 – Go camping with a group of friends.  If camping won’t work, maybe a day in the mountains.

2 – Host an outdoor party under the stars.

3 – Head to the lake, the beach, any large or small body of water to watch the sunset.  Take a blanket to sit on or wrap up in if the air is cooling down.

4 – Buy a hammock to lounge in the backyard.

5 – Create an outdoor living space.  Fill it with tables, chairs, blankets and pillows.  Hang out there as much as possible with family and friends.

6 – Bring fresh flowers inside.

7 – Make homemade ice cream with fruit that is in season.

8 – Take your shoes off and walk around your just sprinkled lawn.

9 – Hang your laundry outdoors so it can dry in the hot summer air.

10 – Take a hike with some old friends and make new friends at the same time.

After all Hygge does mean creating a nice cozy place to enjoy the good, simple things of life with the people you most enjoy life with!

Here’s to a fabulous month of August – ending summer and beginning fall.  Make sure you live for the moments you can’t put in to words!

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