Hygge (Hoo-Gah)

Hygge, pronounced ‘hoo-gah’ is the Danish word for ‘a sense of wellbeing and coziness’.  It stems from the old Norse word ‘hu’ which means ‘thought’, ‘mind’, and ‘courage’.  The closest English translation is cozyness, but it’s more than that.  Hygge is as individual as the person experiencing it.  Although it is more of a feeling and attitude, Hygge is also about making things happen and setting the scene.  It is a framework of love, kinship and wellbeing, rooted in spending quality time with your friends and family.

Melaney McKellar surrounds herself with positive influences and people, especially women, who aren’t afraid of a little nudge to do something they didn’t think they were capable of doing.  Her ideas and nudges turn their successes into her successes, and she loves that!

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